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Nitrofurantoin – Powerful Antibiotic For Cystitis Treatment

Prescribed to treat a wide range of infections, nitrofurantoin is a strong antibiotic that can be used for patients suffering from cystitis. By taking a course of this medicine as instructed, people can rid their bodies of the bacteria that causes cystitis and enjoy a full recovery as quickly as possible.

Cystitis is a type of urinary tract infection (UTI) that specifically affects the bladder and causes it to become inflamed. This usually happens when bacteria infects the body, which could be as a result of sexual activity, poor hygiene, or incomplete bladder emptying when urinating. Since women have a shorter urinary tract than men, they are more prone to developing cystitis, although men can also contract the infection.

Nitrofurantoin helps the body to combat the cystitis infection and get back to full health.

Nitrofurantoin Benefits

In most people suffering from cystitis, the symptoms can be very uncomfortable. These symptoms may include a burning sensation when urinating, an increased need to urinate regularly, cloudy or particularly smelly urine and general pelvic discomfort. Often, patients depend on remedies such as cranberry juice and increased hydration to help clear the infection, but this can leave them with the symptoms for anything up to around 9 days.

Nitrofurantoin has been clinically tested and cures approximately 90% of cystitis cases, usually clearing the infection completely in as little as 3 days. Thanks to nitrofurantoin, men and women experiencing the often painful symptoms of a UTI can stop the infection from spreading and ultimately get rid of the damaging bacteria quickly and easily.

Does Nitrofurantoin Cure Cystitis?

Urinary tract infections like cystitis are caused when bacteria enters the body through the urinary tract and causes the bladder to become inflamed. These bacteria thrive in the human body, reproducing at an astonishing rate in an attempt to spread themselves throughout the body as fast as possible.

Nitrofurantoin kills bacteria, although the specifics of how this process occurs are still relatively unknown. Scientists have observed that the medicine damages bacterial DNA, although they are unsure as to how exactly this occurs, and what part of the bacterial DNA is affected. What is proven is that introducing nitrofurantoin into the body damages bacteria and, with the help of the immune system, the drug ultimately rids the body of the cystitis infection.

Who Can Use Nitrofurantoin?

Nitrofurantoin can be safely used by any patient who is suffering from cystitis, although in the elderly alternative medication is usually suggested as an equally effective but safer plan of treatment.

Who Should Not Use Nitrofurantoin?

Nitrofurantoin is not for use in infants under 3 months of age, people suffering from certain blood disorders, or people with severely decreased kidney function. In addition, the tablet is not usually recommended for use in pregnant women or in those who are breast-feeding. Nitrofurantoin may also cause problems in people with severe liver disease, severe lung disease, an electrolyte imbalance in the blood and diabetics. Our doctors may still be able to prescribe the tablet, but must be informed of the above conditions expressly.

How To Use Nitrofurantoin

In order to effectively treat cystitis, we will usually suggest that patients take a 100mg tablet 4 times a day for a course of 3 days, although a longer course may be suggested depending on the specifics of your infection i.e. severe infection, and your age. You should take the tablet with water and, in order to keep the level of antibiotic constant, you should always attempt to take the tablet at the same time every day. If you miss a dose, simply take it as soon as you remember and continue with the course as planned.

For patients with frequent recurrences, nitrofurantoin can be taken twice daily to prevent infections from starting (hence the two months course)

Often, an antibiotic will effectively weaken the bacteria that cause cystitis to the point where symptoms disappear, but there may still be bacteria present in your body. To protect against the recurrence of symptoms, you should always complete the full course of this antibiotic as instructed by a doctor, even if your symptoms go away.

Nitrofurantoin Side Effects

Nitrofurantoin is a generally well-tolerated medicine, meaning that most people who take it do not experience any side effects at all. However, some people have reported mild side effects including an upset stomach, diarrhoea, discoloured urine and vaginal discharge. These side effects should pass quickly, but if they persist or you are concerned about them, contact your doctor.

In some extremely rare cases, more significant side effects have been noted. These include the symptoms of an allergy such as shortness of breath or facial swelling, as well as skin rashes that blister, numbness in the hands and feet, and sudden chest pain. If these side effects occur as a result of taking nitrofurantoin, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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